5 steps to fall in love with your business again

Your heart was racing, you’d wake up early eager to get up, a combination of excitement and nervousness were a daily occurrence.

You couldn’t wait to see what the two of you would do together. Where you’d go. Ideas were constantly whirling round your mind.

Fast forward to today and you’re exhausted, fed-up, a little cranky. You’re spending too much time together. Your identities have merged together and you’ve forgotten who you are.

You wander if there’s any distance left in the relationship or time to go your separate ways.

No, I’m not talking about your romantic partner. I’m talking about your relationship with your business.

The relationship you have which can at times be all consuming. It’s taken over your life. And it’s now become stale. You no longer look forward to spending time together.

If this is happening in your life and business right now, know that you’re not alone. This happens a lot. And there’s a number of reasons why which you can explore to shed light on what’s going on for you.

5 steps to fall in love with your business again

1) Why and Values

Go back to your ‘Why’. Why did you create your business in the first place? What was it that made you jump out of bed each day in the early days excited to get going. What was your mission? Dig out any notes or photos you have from back then. Close your eyes, go back to that time. Tune in and free write all that comes up for you.

What are values today? They may have changed over time. What do you stand for? What do you stand against?

2) Alignment

Compare your Why and Values. How does your business today align with these? Your business may have gone down a path which doesn't align with your values or has lost sight of your ‘Why’. Say for example, your business which sells doughnuts and now you’re into plant food, it may not all jam together well (sorry couldn't help it:-).) Or maybe your values are about family time and you’re spending all your time in your business.

3) Time apart

As with any relationship you need time apart. Quiet time. Fun time. You time. What lights you up? What gets your belly chuckling? Go do it! When you get together again, you’ll be bringing some lightness to the table while you look at what’s going on.

4) Your role

What role are you playing in all this? As in any relationship you have to work on the relationship but you have to work on yourself as an individual too. How are you affecting the relationship? Are you being too controlling? Are you needing support? Do you need to grow your confidence to be able to say ‘No’? Do you need to invest more into the relationship? Is personal stuff for you affecting the relationship? Perhaps you’re not showing up enough for the relationship to thrive? There’s so much to delve into to see how you’re affecting your relationship with your business. Your outer experiences are a reflection of your inner world and delving into this is well worth the investment.

5) Action

Decide to do something about it and go do it. As with any relationships they take effort. What needs to happen to breathe life back into the relationship? Do you want to breathe life back into it? What action could you take today? Yes, today, not tomorrow or next week. I guarantee there will be something you can do right now.

Sometimes we get so caught up in ‘doing’ we forget that our business is kind of like a person we’re having an intimate relationship with. It needs loving care. Recognising what works for you and what doesn’t work. And not being afraid to make changes to keep the relationship on track.

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