Should you share your goals with others? [Part 5 - Happily Successful Goals]

To share or not to share, that is the question!

Do you let others into your deepest desires?

Those things you want to achieve most?

That perhaps you’re still forming in your own mind..

So it all feels a little fragile

Like tissue paper, can tear apart easily

And needs to be handled carefully

Or would sharing your desires make them feel more real?

And others could help you achieve them.

Perhaps even gain an accountability partner?

It’s a tricky one.

I’m of the opinion that it’s definitely a YES!


Consider how you feel about your goals and how you feel about yourself right now.

And consider who you share them with

And what headspace they’re in.

On the one hand, there can be some real naysayers.

Those who have perfected the art of coming up with all the problems you’ll encounter as if they’re fact even when they haven’t done it themself.

Who tell you every conceivable thing that can go wrong

Stories of some distant relative who tried a similar thing and either ended up deceased or with some infectious tropical disease or broke.

Perhaps they will even say to you ‘in your dreams’

And depending on how you’re feeling it can go one of two ways.

It can make you feel even more determined to achieve your desires so they have inadvertently motivated you


It crushes you and you flop back onto the sofa, switch the TV and tell yourself what were you ever thinking.

Interestingly, your closest aren’t always the best to share your desires with initially.  For many reasons. It can strike fear in them that you’re going to change, things are going to be different.  And humans fear change.

Sometimes it’s better to play it closer to your chest until you feel stronger about it.

Only you know how they’ll react.

On the other hand…

Sharing your desires with really supportive folk can be of tremendous value.

In the right environment it can really spur you on.

Especially on those days when everything feels like hard work.

And you wonder if you can keep going.

Having someone to inspire, motivate and listen to you can be just what you need.

Sharing your desires can lead to introductions, great advice, accountability, partners to work with….

It can be truly awesome.

It’s one of the reasons I love the coaching world.

I can share my desires with my coach without fear of judgement, and feel supported and challenged to go after them.

Many years ago I ran the New York Marathon

I was a non-runner when I took on the challenge.

It was so interesting all the different opinions I received..

Many non runners told me it wasn’t possible to train in the time I had given I was starting from scratch :-(

Marathon runners gave me super helpful advice and thought it was completely doable :-)

I want you to achieve your desires so protect them fiercely whilst opening yourself up to receiving support to achieve.

Your desires are worthy of attention, and can be the crucial piece to make them become real, just make sure it’s the right attention for you.

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Michele Ivory