Support your transformation with power of essential oils


I took a bottle of Lavender Oil into all of my professional exams 20 years ago to bring calm during each sitting.  Whenever I felt anxious I would take a few deep inhales, feel immediate peace of mind and carry on with the exam paper.

For years essential oils have been a part of my life. I'd use them whenever I wanted to feel relaxed or clear any negative energy in the house but I only knew a few basics about them.

A health coach I worked with as part of my healing introduced me to doTerra brand of Essential Oils and products. doTerra oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, no fillers of synthetics and I used them to support my immune system.

More recently I started to learn about their support during emotional healing and their wider use as part of an everyday wellness program.  I’ve now fallen in love with them even more.  From 20 years ago when they were a part of my exam toolkit to today supporting me in my business and personal life, these little bottles of oil and products are my powerful friends who are part of my daily life.

Here’s some of the ways I use them to feel fabulous: making self-care products and cleaning products, I diffuse them around the house, at my desk and during yoga, I use them during my daily self-connection time, we use them to support our health, my daughter loves them rolled on her feet at night (I draw pictures on her feet using diluted lavender in a rollerball and she has to guess what I’ve drawn)…the list lis endless…..

From Lemon, the oil of focus; Bergamot, the oil of self-acceptance, supporting you to know you are enough to Spearmint, the oil of confident speech.  Essential oils can help support you in all different aspects of your life.

To show up for my clients as the highest version of myself I have to invest in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. By also looking after my family’s health and wellbeing I’m able to fulfill my desires in life.

I want you to experience the amazing benefits of essential oils just like I'm doing. Give them a try, really immerse yourself in our community and you will feel the benefits!

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